apparel for dog lovers...with a mission!

Ruff life was born from an experience I had with my 6 month old rescue dog named Jack.  You could see something serious going wrong with him and as we found out he needed a triple pelvic osteotomy (which basically means a triple hip replacement) on both hips.  This surgery is very rare with such a young puppy, but without it he would be in too much pain and putting him down would be the only other option.  Because I just didn't have $5,500 for this surgery, I was faced with putting down my .

Someone I had just met down at the beach in SC a few months earlier, heard my story and told me she would find a way to help Jack and that is EXACTLY what she did.  Because of Beth Castelli and the incredible generosity of friends and family, it changed the direction of my life.

2009 we started with  a line of casual/beach apparel for active dog lovers/owners living and visiting in hilton head island, SC.  it is 100% original and of the highest quality I can find!

2012 I moved to Fl and started Ruff Life in the sunshine state

2013 our 501c3 non profit charity was approved by the irs

2014  year we proudly added on our own aloe vera skin cream line to help with dog skin conditions, hot spots, allergies, bug bites and itchy skin.

2015  We introduced our "Ruff it up!" Aloe vera shampoo to offer a natural solutions to bath dog that have allergies and itchy/dry skin

2016 we added on dog collars and other accessories that are still original and can't be found anywhere else.

How it all started...