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I created this product in June 2014 for Age Spots/Dark spots on humans.  A friend of the family was having major issues with her dog and I knew this cream had more Aloe Vera content in it so I asked her to try it and her response was "I have tried everything from my Vet and nothing has worked.  If this doesn't get better for Percy, I am afraid we will need to put her down because she is suffering so".

After a few days she emailed me and said "OMG it's working!" and after a few more days she was seeing dramatic improvements in was then I decided that we needed to test more dogs and the feedback was returning just as amazing as it did with Percy

Olive's Before and After Pictures after 72 hours

"Ruff Spots works on dogs"

  • Hot Spots
  • Skin Sores
  • Itchy Feet
  • Open wounds
  • Bug Bites
  • Rashes
  • Allergies

Ruff Life purpose is to help as many rescue dogs as we can and creating an amazing product like Ruff Spots, it will bring together a mission to help more dogs with the power of healing in Aloe Vera.  We will always donate our proceeds to
Ruff Life Charities, but will also be donating this product to as many rescue organizations as we can.

Finding the right solution for my dog Bella was not easy!

Every commercial shampoo for dogs on the market was making her skin worse.  She was losing hair, parts of her skin had hard areas  and dry patches., her coat was bland and she was itchy all over.

I decided it was time to formulate something that was gentle for her and finally found the right combination of ingredients that not only returned the oils back to her skin and coat, she wasn't suffering with itchy skin

My blend of Castile Soap, Aloe Vera, Vegetable Glycerin, Water, Coconut Oil, Grape seed Oil, Jojoba Oil, Lavender and Tea Tree itu gives a fresh smell and does a great job with cleaning your dog naturally.

It's a pretty simple solution, natural products work the same on us as they do for our pets.    What might has started out as an idea for one product turned a different corner and offered a solution for another.  Some dogs are prone to Hot Spots,  they lick the area to cool it down because the skin is hot like a burn. "Ruff Spots" has the Aloe Vera in it to cool the hot area down (they stop the licking) and the added moisturizer with added essential oils to get the wound to heal the right way. 

"ruff it up!" Aloe Vera Shampoo

"ruff spots!"
        Aloe Vera Cream for dogs