apparel for dog lovers...with a mission!

We have and will continue to donate to people who have rescued dogs and have mat a financail hardship

 our mission helps more dogs in our community...and in SC

Hurricane Mathew moved up the East Coast of FL. GA and SC...

Our story started in 2007 when I adopted my little puppy named Jack and brought him home to the beach of Hilton Head, SC.  It was that community and friends who helped me provide the surgery needed to save him and I vowed that day I would never forget what the random act of kindness felt and I will do what I can to help others who find themselves in the a similar situation I was in with Jack.  

Hurricane Matthew hit the SC coastline hard in October and my friends and community as struggling to get the area back up and running and that includes the animals too.  I will be donating the proceeds of our sales until the end of the year and maybe long to Beaufort County Animal Control which handles the County where Hilton Head resides.  I know the Director personally and I know she is doing everything needed in her County to help as many pet and families who need help with their pets.  

All the money donated to us this summer to help our new mission will go directly to Tallulah and all donations are tax free  and any donations made until the end of the year, will also be donated 100% to helping SC.  Thank you for the continue support and helping us help more pets!

Giving back to the puppies!

As most of you know I started this process because of my rescue dog Jack   I never knew that when I decided to rescue this little puppy found on the side of the road by police, it would literally change the direction of my life.

I tell everyone I have met along the way that this journey picked me and there have been many days that I wasn't clear where this was going.

In 2012 when the economy shifted, I found myself leaving SC (a place that I truly loved and found my inner peace) and moving to FL to be closer to my family  I had to start entirely over and wasn't sure if this journey was over for Ruff was the  next day that I got the approval letter from the IRS for my non profit charity. ,,it was our NEW beginning!


We donate our Aloe Vera skin care line to help rescue dogs and shelters who have dogs in need to skin treatments from burns, allergies, skin conditions, and serious issues from neglect