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It's all about quality, functionality, creativity and loving dogs! ,

Building my brand for dog lovers with a simple more rescue dogs in style!

It's been a wonderful journey rescuing Jack and the love he gave back to me was undeniable  I am honored to have been a mother to such a wonderful, giving dog and starting this company because of him 


Life moves on, but never our hearts.  The journey has changed, with the end of a chapter, but in Jack's honor we will continue to grow, smile and embrace our new beginning with Tucker and Bella. 

Let the NEW journey begin!

Our Charity Mission


our new catalog!

creating a unique product line which supports my passion is what Ruff Life is all about!

Our Bella!

In Jack's honor, we will continue to help families going through financial crisis with their rescue dogs.  I am still contacted by families or rescue organization who need a little financial support with a special rescue dog.    It always makes me smile that we are able to help like those that helped me with Jack.

As my Aloe Vera cream gets more popular, we are contacted for donations for the cream and shampoo for dogs that were reliquished to a rescue group with horrific skin conditions, burns, bites, mange, scars and wounds.  We are always gladly shipping our healing cream to as many rescues who need it!

Lastly, this summer 2016 we have been working on our main mission to help the elderly and sick with solutions with their dogs during their final days or to help them during a long treatment or sickness.  We are hoping to join forces with a local Hospice in our area, but will continue to move forward and strike out on our own if needed.  Please keep with us on our Facebook Page and on our blog as we start this journey!

Meet Tucker!

I adopted him in January, he was 11 months old

I hope he will help me start the Therapy Dog school and become a Tidewell Volunteer with me!

Our progress will be documented on our blog!